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Current Openings

There are currently no openings.


SCALEDai is an innovative technology consulting company that caters to minority-owned small businesses in Canada. Our motto to “take technology to the grassroots” clearly defines what we’re here to do: help small businesses in Canada scale through the implementation of technology. We are here to bring the world-class expertise and knolwedge they need to grow and break barriers. Join us in empowering emerging businesses to become trailblazers in their industry. 

At SCALEDai we work differently to maximize the potential of all team members – we are project-based, meaning you are evaluated based on your outcomes, not how long you work. We believe that our members are excellent time managers that have a keen sense of prioritization. 


SCALEDai is looking for visionaries who are eager to grow with our start-up! We're seeking talented individuals of all backgrounds to join our team. If you're interested, please send your resume to!

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